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A partnership with EmpoweRT can lead to improved patient outcomes, including increased quality of life and reduced recidivism. Recreational Therapy can be a therapeutic, creative solution for patients and families faced with diverse health and aging challenges. We keep you informed and your patients empowered. 


Partnerships include the following health care providers:

  • Doctor offices

  • Home health

  • Behavioral health

  • Parks & recreation

  • Adult day program

  • Skilled nursing facilities

  • Senior living communities

  • Hospice & palliative care

  • Care management teams

  • Outpatient rehabilitation

Contact us to find out more information of bringing individual and group recreational therapy services to your patients, community, and/or organization. 

Partner with EMPOWERT


Mary Augustine, M.S., CCC/ SLP

Director of Rehabilitation

I had the pleasure of working with Laura Kelly for many years in a skilled nursing setting. She was enthusiastic, innovative, and a true testament of the value that Recreational Therapy brings to the interdisciplinary team. She always did a phenomenal job of incorporating PT, OT, and ST goals into therapeutic leisure activities that the patients enjoyed. This, in turn, helped our patients achieve their goals more quickly so that they could move on to the next level of care.



To make recreational therapy accessible to adults aged 50+ in their communities. 

We strive to be a catalyst for the inclusion of adults aged 50+ in all recreation venues, including adaptive sport and outdoor recreation. 


Our commitment to combating age-related barriers and perceptions with non-traditional programming will serve as a benchmark for the Recreational Therapy and Aging industries alike.  

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