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What is Recreational Therapy?

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what is RT?

Recreational Therapy (RT) is a person-centered treatment service, utilizing recreation as a tool to achieve functional outcomes and improve quality of life. This unique, holistic therapy facilitates client growth and empowerment through functional intervention, leisure education, and meaningful participation in life activities. 

The American Therapeutic Recreation Association outlines the benefits of RT, as well as training and practice settings for recreational therapists across the care continuum. 

Recreational Therapy   in 4 Easy Steps

comprehensive Assessment

We administer a series of valid and reliable assessments that are based on individual client needs, interests, preferences, and life routines.

Based upon assessment results, we will work with you to develop an individual plan with specific, measurable goals. 


We provide comprehensive, therapeutic programming in individual and group settings to help you achieve your goals.  


We continually evaluate your progress to ensure goal achievement and patient satisfaction. 

Individual Plan

Recreational Therapy   Programming

EmpoweRT understands no single approach is the right one for every individual. Our recreational therapy and exercise programming affords us a giant toolbox of resources to find the right approach to achieve your individual health and wellness goals. We are able to adapt programming for all ability and fitness levels.

RT Programming


EmpoweRT strives to meet the following community needs for adults aged 50+ of all abilities in the community:

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Improve Accessibility of Recreational Therapy (RT) & Exercise Programming

Independent adults aged 50+, as well as those with physical, cognitive, and/or emotional limitations, can benefit from meaningful, therapeutic programming that fosters community engagement, routine exercise, and getting outdoors. EmpoweRT provides inclusive programing to meet all needs. 

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Continued Therapy Goals Post Discharge

Recreational therapy can pick up right where your rehab services left off. Those discharged therapy goals can be carried over into therapeutic leisure activities and exercises you enjoy led by a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS). RT incorporates individual interests to build and expand upon existing goals and establish new wellness routines . Additionally, without the limitations of Medicare driven plans and timelines, EmpoweRT is centered around your goals on your terms.

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Creative & Therapeutic Solutions

RT utilizes creative, strengths-based approaches for those who may not participate in conventional therapies due to emotional, cognitive, and psychosocial barriers to participation. We are confident that with our toolbox and resources, we can find the right approach for you or your loved one. RT restores a sense of hope and empowerment to those individuals living with depression, anxiety, progressive disorders, such as MS, ALS, and Parkinson's disease, and stroke. We are here to help!

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