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Our Story

"My parents are the building block of our company mission and remain the driving force of EmpoweRT." 

- Laura Kelly, Founder

Our Founder's Empowering Story

My father is a proud U.S. Air Force Veteran and my mother is a retired Respiratory Therapist. During my first semester of college, my father survived a massive stroke and our entire world was turned upside down. Our family is forever indebted to the incredible physical, occupational, and speech therapists who worked diligently to help him regain function on his right side, improve his communication skills, and walk again.


Before his stroke, my dad enjoyed refereeing basketball games, fishing, and, most importantly, dancing. (To this day he is still known as "Disco Joe" in our hometown.) However, when he got home, he was devastated by the limitations of his stroke. Unable to work, drive, and pursue his leisure interests, he was consumed by what he could not do. The stroke became his identity. He never had a recreation therapist show him what he CAN do. In addition, my mother who has been his devoted caregiver for almost 20 years has experienced immense physical and psychological challenges. The resilience and pure selflessness of this woman is profound and magnifies the unbreakable bond of true love and commitment.

Both of my parents have significantly benefited from conventional therapies over the years, but never had access to recreational therapy. My family’s experience empowered me to dedicate my career to starting recreational therapy programs in venues that it did not exist. I want to help people like my mom and dad to not only get back on their feet, but back to their lives.


Thus, my parents are the building block of our company mission and remain the driving force of EmpoweRT. I am honored to answer this bigger calling of providing a vital missing piece of care in our community.

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