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Empowering Adults Aged 50+ To Live An Active Leisure Lifestyle with EmpoweRT

EmpoweRT understands that no single approach is the right one for every individual. Our recreational therapy and exercise programming affords us a giant toolbox of resources to meet the diverse needs of adults aged 50+. We are able to adapt programming for all ability levels to empower you to achieve your wellness goals in the comfort of your own home and throughout the community.

Research suggests that by the age of 50, physical decline begins if you do not regularly exercise. Remaining physically active can be challenging as we age with potential barriers to overcome, especially in the realm of health, wellness, and leisure. In fact, a lack of community programming for adults aged 50+ with disabling conditions has left many gaps, that can lead to rehospitalizations, falls, isolation, and cognitive declines. So, what are the main reasons EmpoweRT bridges the gap left in the wake of regular leisure and exercise programming offered to this age group?

Recreational therapy minimizes health and perceived aging barriers to make recreation and exercise accessible to all ability levels. Every person needs a purpose.

1. Accessibility. EmpoweRT not only creates person-centered, goal-oriented programming for adults aged 50+, they actively work to reach individuals who may not have purposeful leisure or exercise programming available to them in any other way. They meet you where YOU are! This aids in improving functioning in an array of areas from cognition, motor skills, emotional well-being and much more. Many programs assume participants can be picked up/dropped off at certain locations throughout the day and this leaves adults aged 50+ with disabling conditions in their homes, alone, for long stretches of time without the proper leisure, and community engagement they require and deserve. EmpoweRT can fix that!

EmpoweRT is here to pick up right where your rehab services left off. Those discharged physical, occupational, and speech therapy goals can be carried over into therapeutic leisure activities and exercises you enjoy led by a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS).

2. Continued Therapy Services. For some, it is not realistic for the patient or their family/caregiver to continue exercises after discharge due to overwhelming physical, cognitive, and emotional barriers. In fact, many discharged patients end up declining and regress as a result. RT can assist with continued exercises, but also can utilize what you or your loved one finds interest in to build and expand upon existing goals.

Mom doesn't like to exercise, but she loves dogs. The CTRS can facilitate animal assisted therapy as a holistic, creative approach to have mom work on mobility, balance, strengthening, and cognitive goals simultaneously decreasing anxiety symptoms. RT integrates purposeful activities such as walking the dog, completing dual (brain and body) tasks such as grooming, petting, and decision-making skills to achieve functional outcomes.

3. Empowerment and Quality of Life. Quality of life is not a secondary service outcome; it is at the core of what we do. RT provides hope and empowerment by minimizing barriers for those living with stroke, depression, and progressive disorders such as dementia, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and Parkinson's disease to participate in meaningful, recreation activities. When other therapies are discharged, recreational therapy restores hope that you and your loved one are not alone in this fight and there is a full life to be lived.

EmpoweRT tackles all these components with the utmost care, holistic person-centered approach; working with healthcare professionals to ensure the most effective leisure and life outcomes for our clients. Empowering those aged 50+ to live the most meaningful leisure lifestyles possible, with the least barriers to getting there.

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