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Empower Recreational


Reinvent Your Passion

recreational therapy & Exercise for adults aged 50+ of all abilities 

We adapt recreation, leisure, and fitness programming for adults aged 50+ to promote independence and quality of lifeDon't have a passion? That's okay, we will find what works for you.

Reinvent Your Passion.  


Recreational Therapy (RT) utilizes a comprehensive, holistic approach improving individual physical, cognitive, and emotional well-being. 


RT empowers clients by adapting therapeutic activities utilizing  adaptive equipment, assistive technology, and facilitation techniques to instill a sense of freedom and control for optimal challenge.


Adults 50+ of all abilities are able to participate in fitness, leisure, and recreation programming.


With person centered care, we prioritize and integrate your preferences, routines, interests, and needs. We purposefully keep you at

the center of everything we do. 


The pandemic has magnified the negative impact of isolation. RT integrates you into the community in a safe way, promoting meaningful participation in outdoor and community activities. 


RT is more than fun and games. It is a goal-driven therapy that utilizes your interests to achieve your goals. 

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Therapy focused on what you CAN do. 

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empowering you through all dimensions of wellness


Mind, body, and spirit. The big three have been a wellness slogan for decades; however, "the body" has arguably been the #1 priority of the healthcare industry. The truth: recreational therapy is often the missing piece of how to empower the body by incorporating the mind and spirit. 


The International Council on Active Aging (ICAA) promotes seven dimensions of wellness, illustrated on the left. These dimensions are complex and often function at varying levels. In fact, boredom and social isolation can exacerbate all dimensions.

Recreational therapists collect quantitative and qualitative data to understand the whole person. While we do value data, most importantly, we value and embrace person-centered care prioritizing your individual preferences and needs. 

Senior Physiotherapy

"You can't go back and change the
beginning, but you can start where
you are and change the ending."
                                   - C.S. Lewis


EmpoweRT is incorporated in Marietta, Georgia. We provide mobile services throughout North Atlanta and surrounding communities.


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Contact us for a free consultation

Our Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS) will come to your home at no charge to review your medical history and discuss potential services to meet your needs. Please call (717) 793 - 0687 or click below to schedule your free consultation.

obtain physician order

EmpoweRT will contact your Primary Care Physician to obtain orders if you are interested in pursuing services after the consultation. If you are a doctor's office, please click below for more information regarding referrals and orders. 

Start of RT services

Once orders are received, the CTRS will administer comprehensive assessments to develop an individualized recreational therapy (RT) plan including specific, measurable goals. Click below to read more about RT services. 

How it Works

our partners

A special thank you to our local, state, and national partners who make our mission possible. 

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